Obstacle Detection System
ODS - Stop - Obstacle

Our screen can be equipped with obstacle detection system. 

  • Prevent damage to screen when obstacle is encountered
  • Automatically retracts screen
  • Prevent damage to items placed in screens path
  • Ensure longer life span
  • Prevents expensive, unwanted repairs and replacements


How does obstacle detection work?

The tubular motor is equipped with electronic sensors, permanently monitoring torque. If a change in torque occurs the motor senses the obstacle and reverses.


Does every motor have this?

No, only specific motors are equipped with obstacle detection. Make sure you ask for this feature to prevent your screens from getting damaged.

Can it be combined with remote control?

Yes. In fact, these smart motor are ONLY available with remote control option.

Is there a magic eye or laser beam?

No, the sensing technology is built into the tubular motor itself. Unlike a garage door, that need a laser beam, our obstacle detection motors do not need additional sensors or wires.