Retractable Insect Screens

Our Zip Tex insect screens offer the ultimate in insect protection. Our insect screens block up to 65% of the sun's heat and glare while also maintaining privacy. They also maintain excellent outward visibility with a high factor of openness. The 20x20 mesh is small enough to keep out the tiniest of insects!

Retractable Insect Screen - 2
Retractable Solar Screens

Our Zip Tex solar screens are perfect for shading your inside spaces while also providing ventilation. Our screens block up to 97% of UV rays to help facilitate a cooler climate indoors.

Retractable Solar Screens
Storm Tex - Hurricane Screen

Storm Tex - Motorized Hurricane Screens are made of a unique woven mesh. Storm Tex Screens also double as a screen for sun control, privacy and weather protection, such as rain and wind.

However, the primary purpose of this fabric is prevent flying debris to compromise the building envelope by breaking windows or doors.

Boardwalk Zip Screen
Roll-up Vinyl Enclosures - Restaurants

Our Clear Vinyl roll-up screens offer 100% visibility while also protecting your space from external elements such as rain and insects. This option is perfect for maintaining your view of the outside while protecting your inside eating areas.

Roll-up Vinyl Enclosures - Restaurants
Roll-up Vinyl for Deck, Porch or Patios

Clear Vinyl roll-up screens help to preserve your perfect view of the outside without compromising protection. Our marine grade roll-up screens offer a virtually 100% waterproof option for protecting your patio, porch or lanai area.

Roll-up Vinyl Enclosures - Porchs / Patios